About Lainy


Hello world,

My name is Lainy.

I am a management consultant and a psychologist to be… That’s Commerce and Science!! so… “Where is the Art?”

I love to draw, paint, write poems, observe people, think of new ideas etc… all in all, I like to create. And I won’t use the word “creative” to describe myself because we are all creative! If you think you are not creative, that’s just because you don’t know it yet. What I like to do is “bringing some things new to live” intentionally. And here is where some of them will live.

Despite my passion for art, I grew up with constant doubt towards my artistic capability. Though I have always been successful in attaining what I set out to do (career, job, study, etc…), drawing was as if a curse that follows me throughout my ups and downs, yet I had little courage to face it seriously.

To change this, on 16/06/2016 I started a project called “One creation a day” where I committed to creating something new each and every day. I have and will fail… but I will continue to improve myself

The project was a success. It went on for 2 months without fail. Over 60 watercolor paintings, comics drawing, floral arrangement, and poems were created. Not all of them were great, but the improvement and the pure joy I have gained were priceless. That 2 months, by itself, is already a success. Because what’s important is the journey and not the destination.

Don’t say..

“I can’t do it.”


“I will do it better.”

Today, tomorrow, anytime.
Day 16 – 01.07.2016 – Lainy’s creation

Current projects:

12 page comics – “Moving Air”

Want to have a chat? Contact me anytime.