26.03.17 – The Big Picture of Life

I drew this piece as a house warming present for my mentor. Could you peek a little bit into her life?

She is a bubbly business woman, kind, creative, full-of-ideas and dares to be different. Like everyone, her life is full of colours, some are happy and bright, some are blue and dark. Those bright triangles make the painting look happy and lively. And without those blue triangles, wouldn’t it very boring and unrealistic?

My mentor life is the same as all of us, filled with both bright and dull moments. That’s nature. Without either, it would seem unrealistic. And overall, there are far more of the red and yellow, than the black and blue. Overall, together they make the perfect painting. Focusing on only one of them, that is just looking at the blue, or just looking at the yellow, we will just be overwhelmed with unreal sadness or unrealistic happiness.

Life, like any problems within it, is always better to be looked at as a Big Picture.



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